How to decorate a tiny bedroom?

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary that makes you feel heavenly. Relaxation and comfort from a hectic day should be the must have for your bedroom.  But what if your bedroom is too tiny to feel relaxed in? The size of the bedroom has no connection with comfort. Confused? Well, in this article, we will provide you tips on how to bring relaxing, big space into your private sanctuary.

De-clutter your home

The more items you keep in the bedroom the more overwhelming it will look. Look around the room; can you view the floor baseboard? If you scan the bedroom and never see the baseboard, it means you have too much furniture and personal belongings in your home. Place furniture in another room of the house or consider selling it. Remove the entire collection of personal belongings from dressing table, night table and entertainment center. When you enter the room, you want your eye to gracefully scan the room. It will give false illusion of space, instantly.

Purchase furniture that maximizes wall space

Shopping for furniture is a tedious task, especially when you don’t what exactly you are searching for. In small bedroom, it is important to measure the wall space that you have and how much furniture you can incorporate in the home. Go for rectilinear furniture in contrast to curved furniture. Curved furniture occupies more space and will eat up your walking area to get past your furniture. Wall hung night stands are also great way to enhance the floor space of the bedroom.

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Do the decoration by keeping the bed size in mind

Depending upon the size of the bedroom, your bed will be the focal point. If you have a large sized bed in a small room, you will instantly feel cramped and uneasy. So, it is better to buy a small bed and size your table lamp and decorations in similar proportions. If you are going through the effort of scaling the bed, so you should add accessories surrounding the room.

Incorporate visual interest to the ceiling

In present times, tray ceilings in bedroom have become popular option. They create a new dimension to the room, which cannot be overlooked. If you have option to do so, go ahead and do it. You will witness how much volume you will open. If you don’t want to experiment, go with a standard ceiling, consider using light shades to create false illusion of space. The darker the ceiling; the more cramped the room and vice versa!

Create a reading corner

It is a misconception that small bedroom is all about relaxing, changing clothes and leaving out instantly. It is a myth! Put a small chair and lamp in the bedroom, you will create a reading corner. When you have multifunctional areas in the bedroom,, you would wish to spend more time. Incorporate wall sconces on either side of the bed to make reading enjoyable and relaxing.

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Select dressing tables and armoires according to size of the room

One of the quickest ways to make your room size feel small is to have furniture pieces that are too large for the space. Select 2 or 3 important pieces of furniture and scale it according to the room size. Think of using an armoire to hold clothes and a television to eliminate a large dresser and entertainment centre. The functional room will create an illusion of space.

Creative ways to store items

To make your bedroom clutter-free, use decorative baskets in a bookshelf or a wall unit and to keep small items that you don’t need on regular basis. Do your children have small toys around the room? Stash them and keep in storage bins that are easily accessible for them and you. Use your creativity when it comes to storage. Small bedroom can be easily made big by organizing it in a right way. If you have a room for a furniture bench at the foot of bed, buy with a flip seat open that can hold magazines and books.


Incorporate TV in bedroom

Though it is preferred not to have TV in small bedroom, but if you decide to have a TV, consider a flat screen type that can be easily mounted on the wall or will take up minimal space. For those that choose not to have a TV- a stereo may take a lot of space. Buy a MP3 stereo that connects to your MP3 and eliminates use of large, bulky stereo units.

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Select colours wisely

Dark shades make already small bedroom feel like a cave. If you wish to use dark colours, use them as accessories like for throw pillows, area rugs and accents in bed linen and drapery. Consider using light shades on the walls, and ceilings to create an illusion of space. Try to add as much natural lights as possible.


Add a focal point

If you have a wonderful piece of artwork, place it above the bed and draws the eye from the rest of the bedroom. If you aren’t happy with your bed but have nice dresser, add a colourful vase on the top. Use your creativity skills to accentuate the small bedroom.

Decorating a small bedroom is a big challenge. Hence you need to incorporate above-mentioned ten ideas to make the room feel lively


Do you have a small bedroom and want to remove emphasis from small nature of bedroom? How you made it look spacious? Is there any other trick?


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