How to design a small kitchen?

Kitchens are the most neglected functional spaces of the home. In present times, when homes are narrowing down in square feet area, kitchens are facing the same issues too. For woman, it is difficult to work in small area, but with little wisdom and trick one can define own kitchen area. Here are some ideas on how to design a small kitchen area:

Before diving into deep details, remember the best small kitchen area are the ones that have smart layouts, maximized efficiency and clever storage solutions. If you are planning for large renovation or just want to refresh the space, these are tried and tested methods for getting a kitchen that totally works for you.

Cut down the corners– if you are planning to design the kitchen from the very beginning, go for walk through kitchens. They are efficient in terms of layout and they don’t leave a lot of dead space. If you already have an L-shaped kitchen floor plan, consider opting for corner kitchen drawers, lazy susan cabinets to make the kitchen shelving units more functional.

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Add reflective surfaces to the kitchen-install mirrors wherever required, to add false illusion of space.

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Add backsplash shelving-you can use the wall above the counters to store the things in addition to traditional cabinets. Small kitchen shelves are the perfect solution to keep everything within reach like spices and condiments.

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Add kitchen counter bar-if you don’t have enough storage space, a bar countertop will do the best. It will serve as eating space and preparation space.

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Personalize the space-try to be creative and add elements in the kitchen that can make the use of the space optimally.

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Under cabinet lights-nothing makes the kitchen feel more cramped than poor lights. A few under cabinet light can go a long way towards making small kitchen functional and best.

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Hanging storage items– Bulky items like pots and pans when hung overhead and in front of window it saves lot of space. Apart from that, it adds visual appeal to the kitchen. Wire baskets is another option to select from.

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Kitchen island– you can use that extra three feet space for added work space. If you buy or make an island with storage beneath it or that can be rolled into a closet during the parties, it is better.

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Hooks-Hooks are low profile, affordable and best option to add storage space in the kitchen, but too much of hooks look bad. Incorporate the hooks in the kitchen and use the same for mugs, towels, or pots and pans. It really helps you out with the kitchenware too. A wide array of kitchen hooks is available in the market. Starting from dishtowels to oven mitts to aprons to reusable tools, you can add everything in the kitchen.

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Special solutions for the kitchen-try to divide and organize the kitchen so that everything seems perfectly sized and oriented to live at that spot, from where you’ll use it. You can even plan for plate racks, vertical cookie sheet slots inside the cabinets or ways to keep trash at a bay. You can even create shredding station right next to recycling bin.

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Cabinet pulls for the kitchen– cabinet pulls is another way to reduce clutter from the kitchen. Additionally, these kitchen cabinets are available in ergonomically design and are rust resistant.

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Open up the kitchen cabinets-take off the upper cabinet doors or install the open shelving, it makes the kitchen look spacious and open.

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There are various ways to store the items in the kitchen, even if you small one. Read above-mentioned tips to know more about the details.


Have a happy reading!

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