How To Maintain A Stunning Home Exterior

Exterior home projects are trending, with 71% of property buyers declaring their decisions are majorly influenced by curb appeal, according to Lawn Starter. Creating and maintaining an amazing exterior is worth its weight in gold. It adds life to the home in addition to boosting its value if you choose to resell it. Exterior designs, such as an elaborate roof, a paint job, chimney work, a patio or porch, or a garden can culminate to 215% in profit, according to a report by Bankrate, when it comes to resale value. Many people put most of their effort into designing astounding interiors but forget how important home exteriors and regularly maintaining them are. First impression is everything in real estate, and can either repel or attract property buyers. Here are home exterior designs and maintenance tips to help your house kick ass.


Plant A Garden

Don’t underestimate the power of going green, both literally and metaphorically, when it comes to your property. Landscaping is actually said to increase the value of your property by 5.5% to 12.7%. Planting and maintaining a garden will cost you approximately $70 annually, and earn you $600 when reselling the house, according to Walden Labs, as well as adding to your enjoyment of your home. When choosing plants for your front garden you want to go for low maintenance ones that are elegant, can survive through the climatic changes and require little effort. These include Morning glory, Hostas, Firebush, Crepe Myrtle shrubs, Japanese surge, Wintersweet, Star jasmine, and Purple Sensation.

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These plants can be grown in pots and tubs placed all over the garden, directly on the garden or along the pavement. Creepers are a great option as these don’t require large gardens. It is, however, important to note that some creepers could destroy your walls should they come into contact. Fortunately, this can be avoided by using window boxes that only require painting or having professional help in your landscaping. Colorful plants, especially those that bloom for longer periods, enhance the beauty of a home. Lush green grass is also vital when it comes to curb appeal.

Invest In Exterior Lighting

Lighting draws attention to the home. Exterior lights come in a variety of designs, and installing them is quite affordable. You can place the individual or clustered lights along the walls, over the patio, under trees and plants, along pathways or in the heart of the garden. If the idea is to spice up your exterior, invest in orbs and spheres, pendant lights, strong lights, LED strips, or lanterns. Aesthetics aside, exterior lights also help with security and safety.

Maintain Sidings And Repair Gutters

Whether you have wood, aluminium, brick, fiber cement, cedar or vinyl siding, you need to ensure it stays beautiful, dust free and free from mildew. Harsh weather, humidity, expansion, and contraction can do a number on sidings, causing them to crack, chip or rot, depending on the material. Diligently inspect your sidings for any signs of decay or cracks, and immediately treat them. Apply clear sealers to help with the moisture aspect. Repaint your sidings every 5 years or 10-20 years for fiber cement sidings. Wash them at least once a year with a soft-bristled brush and warm soapy water to get rid of dust. As for mildew, a mixture of bleach and water in the ratio 1:4 should take care of this. This can be easily achieved by using a stiff brush and a bucket of soapy water. Sidings that have cracks or show signs of cracking should be repaired promptly. All these steps will remarkably improve the exterior of your house and ensure your sidings stay gorgeous.

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Unknown to many, gutters, apart from being functional, contribute greatly to your home’s exterior aesthetics. Gutters are designed to prevent rainwater from soaking into the foundation by draining it away. When they get clogged they can be problematic. For starters, standing water in clogged gutters could provide a perfect breeding site for pests like mosquitoes. Secondly, gutters filled with debris cannot drain away water. This water will, therefore, flow over, flooding flower beds and potentially killing plants in your front garden. This very water will also form stains on your sidings, thereby causing them to rot or crack, and in the process damage the exterior appearance of the house. That said, proper maintenance of roofs and gutters plays a crucial role in creating a stunning house exterior. Make a point of inspecting your gutters four times a year during each season for pinholes and leaks. Should you spot any, a wire brush, roof cement, and a putty knife should come handy for the former, and gutter sealant for the latter.

Repairs, lighting, landscaping, paint jobs and gardens to mention but a few, can help improve your exterior immensely. A gorgeous exterior makes a trendy, modern home all the more stunning. Furthermore, exterior home projects are investments capable of returning up to 89.4% in profits. Nothing quite brings out the romance of real estate like a stunning exterior.

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