How to Maintain Antique Furniture

Antique furniture costs a lot, we all know that. There’s more than just the design that adds to its price, but the age. Antiques have more than surpassed a particular trend; they represent a period of the past that can no longer be replicated today.

But antique furniture is also susceptible to wear and tear, especially when the piece is no longer strong enough to keep up against today’s conditions. Thus it is important to know how to take care of antique furniture so that such pieces would stay durable, but increase their price tag as well.

1. Treat the wooden structures regularly. One cardinal rule in treating antique furniture is to treat the wooden structures regularly. These include painting them with anti-termite solutions to prevent infestation, and varnishing to maintain a smooth and shiny finish. With these measures, antique pieces are able to retain their beauty for a longer period of time.

2. Repair the upholstered parts whenever necessary. Some antique furniture pieces are cushioned, and over time their foams lose their shape and comfort. Whenever lumps form in the upholstered areas, have them replaced with new ones immediately to retain the furniture’s overall form.

3. Position the furniture at their assigned places. To maintain the overall health of the furniture, it is important to place it at its designated area. Of course, indoor antiques should remain inside the home, as they already have brittle interiors that may break when exposed to extreme weather conditions. For tables, it may be better to cover their surfaces with glass so that they won’t be affected in case liquids are spilled on them.

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