How to make your home lively?

Your home is the centre of all celebrations. It is no wonder then that you would want it to look splendid at all times. If you feel that you have not done anything exciting in your home in a while, giving it a makeover will transform your space.

How to add character and charm to your abode?

It doesn’t take much money to add charm and character to your home. With regular practice and by incorporating some tips, the home can look vivacious. Painting the home, rearranging the furniture, clearing up the clutter make the home look beautiful! With inflation round the corner and routines getting busier, it is not practical for nuclear families to do in a stipulated time period. So, what to do to add a new look to the home without making the hole in the pocket.
Here are some tips and tricks on how to do so:
Try to stand out

The best way to stand out from rest of people is to be quirky in the midst of traditional ideas. How about letting your child paint a wall or having hand print of the family members on the wall? Well, you could even add a life-size family photograph in the passage of the home or add a colourful asymmetrical wall clock. You can even paint old furniture with help of poster colors for your child’s room. It surely adds new life to the old furniture and even delight child’s bedroom.
Add wallpaper to the room

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Getting your house painted can be a tedious job, but nowadays various patterns are available to help you. You don’t need to spend money to get the full home decorated with the wallpaper. The trick is to be selective while using the wallpapers. So, the wall paper with golden motifs with a backdrop in home theater of colourful balloons on one wall in your child’s room can come to rescue. Wallpaper with doughnuts has become a new trend for the kitchen wall and for the dining area.
Incorporate right kind of lightning to the room

Invest in different lightning options in your home and you will be surprised to see the effect of it. It is the right time to discard tube lights and add some fancy lights to your home. A tall lampshade in one corner of the living rooms adds style to the home decor. Also, it adds glamour and mood lightning to the bedroom. It can transform the entire space.
Add a hint of green to the home

Indoor plants are the best way to add freshness to the interiors of the home. You can select a variety of indoor plants for the living room, bedroom, dining room, and so on. Cut flowers and greenery adds a sense of relaxation and comfortable vibe to the home. If you wish to put some extra effort, invest in some designer vases and pots to make your interior splendid and beautiful. Green plants whether it real or artificial is soothing to the eyes. Greenery also purifies air.

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