How to make your home look expensive?

A home can look royal and elegant by following below mentioned tips:

Say good bye to carpets– carpets are gross. They accumulate dirt and odours and can be easily stained. It is better to go for vinyl flooring. This flooring is chic, easy to clean and most importantly inexpensive. You can say good bye to those muted tones carpet that seem to look boring and dull. Vinyl flooring is available in different patterns or colours and it looks similar to hardwood. Vinyl versatility makes it easy to clean and it adds unique style to the home.

Add fresh flowers in home– Forget about precious metals, wall paint and floor materials- if you really want to turn a dreary space into expensive looking room, add some flowers. There something unique about freshly cut flowers that invigorate fragrance in the room that no other plastic plant or other accessories can. Fresh flowers add warmth and personality to the room and they even make the air smell good.

Use white shade in the home– Have you ever wondered why an apartment looks good? The answer is simple: white works. It is clean, invigorating and it looks best with anything. Use white furnishings to call attention to coloured pieces that you want to accent. Bear in mind, create a white look only if you can keep objects, furnishing and accessories clean. Dust and dirt are not hallmark of white.

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