How to select curtains for your home

Curtains give the final decorating touch to the room. Hence, making the right choice is an important step to form the welcoming atmosphere. Here are steps on how to pick the curtains to match the style:

When to select a curtain

A common mistake that most of us make is in new home or apartment we fall in love with specific curtain and then complement everything according to that. The opposite need to happen: the selection of the curtain should come in the end, after decorating the rest of the room.

Once you have selected wall colours, placed furniture and other decorative objects around the walls, then you need to think about the curtains. These curtains will provide the finishing touch to the indoor decoration like carpets and throw pillow add warmth to the room, but they are not the centrepiece, in a similar way curtains should not be a centrepiece.
What to look for?
The aesthetic aspect should not be the sole reason to select curtains. If anything, can help to fool the eye and correct the imperfections of the room. For instance, the room with low visibility, you should incorporate wide vertical stripe curtain to give an impression of height. Conversely, traditional and horizontal curtains made from linen are the best for room with a high ceiling.

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Customize the curtain style depending upon the window size. Large frilly curtains won’t be good for small windows. And a thin and too tight curtain will not be able to showcase wooden frame or large windows.
Also check the height of the curtains. They should not be too short or too long. Take measurements to ensure it is of right height.

Try to select the curtain colour according to the walls. If you are fortunate enough to have white walls, everything is allowed as long as curtains don’t clash with the furniture.
Fabric for the curtain
The selection of fabric and texture depends upon the style of the room and the atmosphere that you want to create.
Rustic Interior– In case, you have rustic interior with oak flooring and conventional furniture, the choice should not be velvet drapes or taffeta. The suitable colours are blue and garnet. Golden brown also looks great.

Country House– In case you have country house, the curtains should be made from natural cotton or simple pattern will be good enough. Lace curtains work the best in the bedroom.

For Minimal Interior– Select the light colour curtains preferably transparent curtains that can rise with slightest breeze. Conversely, you can go with linen blinds that will deliver soft lights.

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Trendy Homes: For trendy homes, laser-cut blinds are another great choice. Since they are customized, they go perfectly with different styles of the room.

Urban Homes– For urban homes venetian blinds with metallic colours are the best.

Last but not the least; for highly passionate people, long cotton or polyester curtains are the best, coupled with wrought iron rods.


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