Living room wallpaper ideas

Living room wall papers are generally associated with loud colors and extravagant designs. The living room in a house is meant essentially for leisure and entertainment activities. It should therefore look like a fun place for the members of the home to be in as well as for their guests. Wall papers for the living room can be found on internet stores. Conventional stores which deal in home furnishing products are also known to keep such items as a part of their home furnishing collection. When decorating your living space with wall papers there are some popular ideas that you can consider.

You can do up your living space with wall papers that feature large floral designs. This is the in thing nowadays and you will certainly get a lot of acclaim from your friends and family members if you put a wall paper with a large flower in your living space.
large-floral-living-room-wallpaper Living room wallpaper ideas
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For instance you can put a wall paper that features a large red rose against a yellow or light green backdrop. You can also place a wall paper that features a large tree or an insect against a backdrop of a nude or neutral shade.

Wall papers that feature diamonds and cubes are also quite popular these days. Diamonds can actually be etched onto the wall papers separately. The task however needs to be done in a symmetrical manner so that the diamonds appear in line one after the other or in a zigzag pattern.

You can put up a wall paper in your living room that contains a picture of a Mughal durbar or court. This will make your wall paper look very similar to a wall painting. Such products are usually available in the high end home furnishing stores and seldom online.

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If you wish to make your living room look attractive by placing a wall paper in it you can put a wall paper which looks just like a collage. This is one of the latest wall paper designs and can make a living space look extremely unique. The collage is generally quite haphazard in its form creating a bizarre impression.

Thus, there are a number of ideas which you can keep in mind when adorning the walls of your living space with wall paper. These are being increasingly used to substitute wall paintings nowadays and are also a lot easier to maintain.

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