Space Saving Home Offices

Are you looking for a part of the house to be used as your workstation? Well, you don’t actually need a big room to serve as your home office; if you happen to live in a cramped apartment or a small house, then it may better to spot the empty spaces around that have no significant use yet. By finding these areas, you are able not only to make good use of them, but as well transform them into the spot you can call your own.

There are many hidden areas that you can convert into a workstation, and these include:

1. Under the stairs. The space underneath the stairs is usually idle. Most of the time it is used as storage space for things that are no longer used. However, with a little tweaking, you can actually use this space as a workstation. You can install a plywood slab to cover the stairs so that you can install the necessary lighting, and then add some shelves for your accessories. Then you can position a table that contains your computer setup. If you want some privacy, then just install a curtain to cover the space.

2. In a built-in closet. Are you not using your built-in closet? Then a good way to make it useful is to transform it into a workstation. This space is actually easy to convert because all you have to do is remove the doors. You can immediately set up your home office and install your cables without having to alter some parts of the said area.

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3. Above the bed. If you want your workstation to be in your bedroom, then you might as well install it above your bed. You can set up a higher platform to serve as a mezzanine, and that will be the area for you to set up your home office equipment. You may have to add a few flights of stairs though to climb up the platform. In this setup you don’t have to cover the whole area of the bed; you can go only halfway to create just enough shade for sleep.

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