Spice Up Your Floor Space with Cool Rug Ideas!

Cool rugs come in different shapes and designs. To those who are looking for quirky things to place on their floors, doorways and patios, then getting an unconventional rug will do the job right. The coolest rugs depend on the homeowner’s tastes, although they are available in two distinct materials, wool and polypropylene.

For homeowners who want a more authentic appeal when it comes to their rugs, then they may choose cool rugs made of wool. Wool rugs offer brighter colors and more reflective designs. Rugs made of synthetic fiber have loose, pale colors and shades due to their difficulty to absorb dyes. However, synthetic rugs tend to cost much cheaper and are more resilient to wear and tear as compared to wool rugs.

 Area Rugs

Cool area rugs are used to cover bigger floor areas, such as that of the living room or master’s bedroom. Living room areas can be placed with movie-theme inspired cool rugs, depending on the choice of the home owner. Designs however may consist of sci-fi genres or intergalactic settings which represent a bigger motif set.

When shopping for cool area rugs, it is best to look for wool and fabric rugs. They get to capture the design much better than synthetic rugs, not to mention the fact that they are more comfortable on the feet. It is also best to settle for logos that represent the chosen theme or actual movie as these create a more signature reflection of the owner’s tastes in the living room space.

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Center area rugs are preferred to be in circular shapes, as opposed to square and rectangular designs. Round area rugs encompass just about every space in the room, while angular rugs tend to miss out on certain empty spaces.

Modern Rugs

Cool modern rugs meanwhile tend to have modular designs and shapes. They are mostly made of synthetic fibers and are fit for minimalist settings. They can also be used as floor decors on bars and lounges that follow the modern jazz styles.

Modern rugs tend to serve as decorative pieces rather than functional floor covers. Hence, it is best to use them on places that follow modern interior design; otherwise they will only set the place at a rather negative effect.

Kids Rugs

Cool kids rugs are mostly inspired by cartoons, TV shows and other forms of entertainment. These rugs are small and fit for doorways, such as that for the bedroom and bathroom. Area rugs for kids meanwhile may come with other functions, such as play mats, game boards and other fun-filled features.

Bath Rugs

Cool bath rugs are usually designed with deep-set colors and shades. They make the bathroom ambience to be more soothing, so that users will be able to rest and release their inhibitions. Bath rugs with cool designs may serve as miniature models of cool area and modern rugs, so that they get to continue the overall motif of the house. As much as possible, choose rugs that are made of synthetic fiber so that they can last longer even after continuous use.

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