Style Reflections: Sofa Colors that Reveal Your Personality

Your style choices are a reflection of your character and personality. While this is very much evident in your fashion outfits, you can likewise say the same with the color of the sofa you’re using. Sure, you don’t care much about your home interior pieces, but they sure represent your feelings in one way or another.

So what does your sofa say about you? Find out by looking at their color shades.

1. Black. Black sofas are very common, not only because they are always present in the market, but also because they are seen as the most versatile sofas of all. Black is a color of modernity and authority, and if you have this for your sofa, then for sure you’re frank, classy and straight to the point when it comes to making decisions.

2. White. White is a color of hope and new beginnings. If you’re loving your white sofa, then it means that you’re the hopeful kind of person, and are always looking forward to a fresh start in your life.

3. Blue. Blue is the color of calmness. A lot of homeowners are actually drawn to this color for their sofas because it helps them relax and stay cool. If you happen to have a blue sofa at home, chances are that you’re the calm and collected person; you’re also the type who doesn’t want to be disturbed, especially when you’re taking the time to rest.

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4. Red. Red is the color of love and seduction, and sometimes dominance. People who own a red sofa are usually those who are loving and caring, but they tend to be overly emotional at times.

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