The fifth wall – Interior design ideas

I want everyone to start looking up. To the ceiling that is! For years we have come up with color schemes for the 4 side walls in our homes. We have agonized over using the right shade of beige or blue. Many sample paints have been put on our walls to be stared at and pondered about. I have done it too! My friends and family have seen many paint cards taped up to my walls over the years.

I am willing to bet that there is a can of “Ceiling White” paint gathering dust in the dark recesses of your garage. That color was a staple for our home for years. Are you ready for a change? I want to get you thinking about putting the same efforts into ceiling color decisions that you put into the rest of your walls.

If you are building or remodeling, there are architectural details available for the ceiling. A tray ceiling is easy to add during home construction. It can be contrast painted to highlight its features. I have seen rectangle and octagon styles that definitely make a statement. Paint a strong accent color on the angled sides of the tray for a great look. Also, a decorative painter can create the “look” of a tray on any ceiling. It is lovely!
Tray-Ceilings-Interior-Design The fifth wall - Interior design ideas
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Decorative crown moldings can be added into the tray ceiling. They also go nicely along the top edges of any room. It creates a level of interest wherever you want to add to the look of your home… The different shapes of the moldings can be layered for a more dramatic look. Painted or stained, it is a dimensional detail for your décor.
Decorative-crown-moldings The fifth wall - Interior design ideas
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Decorative medallions can be added to the center of a ceiling alone or around a light fixture. You can “fake it” by faux painting the “look” of a medallion or center design on any ceiling They can be painted in just about any color and could be made like the design on an oriental rug you may have in that room. How about making the ceiling look like you are inside a luxurious tent for a little girl’s room? If you can dream it, I know the perfect person to create it for you.
Decorative-ceiling-medallions The fifth wall - Interior design ideas
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Even just a coat of paint in a color other than white makes for a great look. In a sunroom, you could paint the ceiling a soft blue, like the sky and feel more like you are outdoors. Dark paints used on the ceiling can add a great bit of drama to a room. Any wall color can be mixed with white to create a tint for the ceiling that is low risk.
Ceiling-color The fifth wall - Interior design ideas
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Well there you have it. I hope that I have sparked your imagination to think about your ceilings and enhance your interior décor style. If nothing else, at least give your ceiling a fresh coat of that “Ceiling White “paint and the whole room will brighten. Just in time for spring!

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