Tips for Choosing a Comfy Reading Chair

We love to read! Let’s face it; reading is a favorite pastime for many people. From escapism to knowledge and everything in between, books provide us with many hours of entertainment. You may be a romance novel fan or love a mystery full of intrigue or submerse yourself in real life stories like biographies. No matter what your taste is, finding a comfortable place to read can be key to your reading enjoyment.

Our favorite reading places can be as diverse as the topics we choose to read about. Places like an overstuffed chair, comfy glider rocking chair or reclining on your sofa are a few favorites. Other places like your local library, outside on a relaxing lounge chair or a sunshine laden window seat all offer perfect nooks for indulging in a few minutes or hours of me time.

It takes time to find the optimal place for you and over time that may even change. After all, we don’t find the same things comfortable as we did in our early twenties when it didn’t matter if you were sitting on a hard concrete bench or lying in the grass.

You could read anywhere. Ideally, you should find a chair that will offer comfort for the long haul (we can get drawn in to our stories.) The chair should not detract from your reading experience by giving you stiff joints and a sore back. Here are a few things that you should look for:

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· Look for a chair that fits you and your body type as some chairs are built for tall people with a large build and if you’re 5’2” it may not feel comfortable to you.
· A chair that offers good lumbar support will be most appreciated after an hour or two of lounging
· Find a chair that has a back tall enough to give you neck support
· Chairs that have nice cushioned arms will be comfortable for holding a book over a longer period of time

· A chair with an ottoman or a recliner with a built in foot rest will provide leg support to keep you relaxed
· People that like to move while reading may enjoy a swivel chair or a glider so they experience a gentle soothing motion while enjoying their favorite book
· Finally, choosing a chair that has the right amount of cushioning is important so you don’t get numb or cramped.

While some people may be comfortable reading in any position and in any chair, you may find that a chair that is just right for you can improve and expand the pleasure you derive from reading. Think of the chair as the vehicle for your trip inside the world of entertainment, adventure and knowledge that books hold.

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Although, finding the perfect reading chair for you may take time and effort, it will be worth it when you finally find it. Odds are it will be a chair that you treasure and keep for many years of comfort and enjoyment.

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