Tips for Teenage Bedroom Designs

For most teenagers, especially for those who are design-conscious, a good bedroom design is their top priority over any other thing. While designing bedroom for children, it is advisable parents and guardians first know their children’s views and expectations related to the bedroom design. This is to ascertain that the room reflects the teenagers exactly as they are, once the design work is complete.

Just like grown-up people, many teenagers too lead stressful lives. As such, they seek a place, which can offer them complete peace of mind and privacy when needed. If their bedroom offers them the level of comfort they need, then they may express themselves imaginatively and the best in them would come out.

Parents, who wish to go with their children’s expectations concerning bedroom designs, may make the most of the following 5 tips related to bedroom designs.


1. Decide over color: This is an important feature concerning teenage bedroom designs. Plan a color scheme first. Currently, bright colors like candy-apple green and vivid pink are much popular. Also, the color schemes of similar shade appear much beautiful to sight. Other colors to go with are cool colors with blues, greens and purples. A bedroom in oranges, yellows and reds offers warmed-up look to it. Bedroom for boys traditionally has the navy color. For making the bedroom lively, use crisp white and red. To go with individual choice of colors, teenagers may visit any paint store. There, they may browse through available paint chips and choose any color they like.
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2. Include artwork: Many teenagers show great creativity towards artwork. They may have pieces of artwork presented on paper, ready for mounting on the walls of their bedroom. The artwork may simply look great on walls and contribute to teenage bedroom designs. Teenagers may even invite friends to their home and allow each one to create unique masterpiece on blank canvases to be hung on bedroom walls.
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3. Inscribe words: Words stencilled on bedroom walls may well serve for teenage bedroom designs and create huge impact on the walls. Discover a place over the door, bed or window. Let children come out with a quote or popular say or may be a song lyric they like the most. Teenagers may even include their own names somewhere on the walls.
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4. Add ribbon: Bedroom designs for teenage girls may include ribbon. It is never a bad idea to update cheaply bought monochromatic pillows, curtains, bedding and plain fabrics using certain beautiful ribbons. Use stick ribbon or iron-on ribbon that may be easily sewed. Use ribbons of uniform style and thickness or mix them with wide and skinny ribbons with plain or crenate edges.
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5. Use fabrics: For teenage bedroom designs, use of fabrics is even a smart choice indeed. Use daily objects. Teenagers may convert their athletic jerseys to pillows. Use pennants and allow them to drape down alongside each other for window valance. Take cut outs from toddler’s clothes and convert them to a quilt. Also, never forget to include modern table lamps to augment teenage bedroom designs for children’s academic needs.

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