Tips on how decorate a room

Are you thinking about decorating a room in your abode? Whether you plan for do-it-yourself or hire an interior designer, check out the below-mentioned tips on how to decorate a room.

Look at the room

Before designing room, it is crucial to look at the planes and shapes of the room. It is often known as the main ingredients of a room. Most often times, the more special the architecture of a room, it is easier to decorate. You don’t need to create a very beautiful room; if it has high ceilings, arched windows, tall columns, fantastic view and a coffered ceiling. The idea is to create a space that grabs the architectural interest.

Decorate according to moods

Decide on the mood that you want create. Would you like formal, funky or contemporary looks? Some like formal, intimidating, funky, witting looks. One can even add a personalized touch to the room by adding photographs and items found in antique available in the flea market. Additionally, adding pieces that speaks story makes space like a home.

Flip the lid

Remember the ceiling of the room is like a blank canvas. If possible, try to raise the ceiling by creating a tray into the attic or incorporating a prefab dome. Adding beams for a rustic look or crown molding add a elegant feel to the room. Plus, it will perk up the interior of the room. Use a door casing flat on the ceiling to add interest of a crown molding while making the walls seem taller.

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Discard mold, but like moldings

Wall moldings are the best way to decorate a space. It will enhance your space-in case it is done well. Parallel moldings create a mid century like feeling. Clasic shaped bozes can make the room look conventional, dressy and antique. Untill and unless room is quiet large like a foyer, moldings should be painted in a similar color as the walls to maintain tranquility. Painting in a contrast color will enhance the room decoration.

It is a risky venture

Interior decoration is a risky venture, so it is important to trust your instincts, but don’t buy impulsively.

Select furniture items that is unusual, but ensure that it is durable.

Purchase expensive pieces that you can easily afford. Don’t forget that what is expensive today may become inexpensive tommorow.
Buy an antique chair from the flee market.
Avoid decorating the items that creates the feeling of uneasiness. For instance, avoid using tables with sharp corners, objects that look as if it will prove dangerous to your hands, chairs that appear too delicate.
Avoid decorating with things that create a feeling of unease in your room. For instance, avoid:
The ultimate goal is to create an inviting space that has a sense of peacefulness. Lay the furniture pieces cerefully, making optimum use of space and to facilitate the function of the room. Think that rooms can be used for two purposes like as a dining room or library combination or a family room where you can enjoy TV, gather everyone and play games.

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Add right lightning

An even spread of light without glaring light bulbs are perfect. Its relatively easy to have own creative outlets wired, so they operate from a single switch. Its convenient to turn all lamps on and off from a single switch area, obviously avoiding having to go around the room and switching on individual lamps. Use soft white light bulbs rather than clear lighting fixture, as they soften the shadows cast on ceilings and walls. Don’t forget to use the latest fluorescent and eco-friendly solutions to save energy.
Maintain a delicate balance
Try to maintain a delicate balance like white and black, yin and yang, sweet and sour. The room should look balanced. Here are some tricks on how to do it:

A Delicate Balance

Like Black & White, Yin & Yang, and Sweet & Sour, a room should be balanced. Here are some balancing tricks I recommend:
Add a personalized touch of hot color in a cool room, like red flower or add a bright painting to balance the gray or beige
Stain floor with black color using light furniture or an area rug
Add comfortable or inviting furniture with upright seating.

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