Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary

The bedroom has to be one of the most important rooms in the home. The average person spends up to a third of their life asleep, so it stands to reason that the room that is designed for sleep should be a comfortable and restful place, made to make you feel calm and cocooned.

Of course, everyone has their own different version of what a calm oasis should be like and the choice of how you choose to decorate your bedroom is a very personal one. When you set out to make some major changes in your bedroom decor, try to keep in mind that this is your room and essentially for your eyes only – as well as for your partner, of course. It’s not like other rooms in the house, where guests to your home are likely to spend any time. You can make it a room to please you.

If you can move out of your bedroom for a reasonable length of time, it will give you the time you need to make fundamental changes. You may decide that you want to have some furniture built-in, for example. Before you make any decisions, clear the room of furniture and draw a to-scale plan of the empty room, noting any permanent obstacles that won’t be changed like window and door frames and radiators.
super-size-bed Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary
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One of the most important items of furniture in the bedroom is, of course, the bed. You need to get a bed that is comfortable, with a supportive mattress. It also needs to fit easily into the space you have available. Although you may like the idea of having a super-size bed, there’s no point in doing this if it means you won’t be able to move easily around it. If you have clearance on either side for oak bedside tables, this is a good start as you’ll be able to walk around the sides of the bed with relative ease.

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You will find your pick of beds on the internet, and it’s easy to buy cheap beds online. However, you should really choose a company that offers a returns policy, as sometimes what arrives in the delivery may not quite fit as well as you thought it would when you looked at an online image.

The choice of other furniture will flow from the bed, so it’s best to get that sorted first. Then, depending on what other space you have available, you can decide whether you want a wardrobe and chest of drawers, or a combination unit. You may also want to add items like a dressing table, or if you have the room, an armchair or chaise longue. It depends how much time you spend in the bedroom when you’re not asleep.

While you’re making changes to your bedroom, make sure you incorporate enough storage so that when you put all your clothes and other items back into the room, they can all be stored neatly and out of sight. A cluttered bedroom is not a restful place to spend time in.

Before your new furniture gets delivered, take the opportunity to repaint or paper the walls and pick a colour or pattern that is relaxing on the eye. Once you have your new furniture in, you can finish the transformation of your bedroom with some beautiful bedding and complementary curtains.

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Changing a bedroom to this level will take a reasonable amount of expenditure but, hopefully, the finished result will be well worth the effort and you’ll have a beautiful relaxing space that has been decorated and furnished to your own specifications so you should be happy with it for years before you want to change it again.

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