Update Your Kitchen Façade With these Low-Cost Tricks!

Your kitchen need not be dark and muggy and puffy as it normally is. True, this is where you do the dirty work of food preparation, but at the same time the place should give you the inspiration to cook, clean and serve scrumptious dinners for your family. By having a pretty kitchen, the more motivated you become in doing the chores, as your surroundings give that extra kick.

But who says giving your kitchen a facelift costs a lot? You can choose to have it remodeled, yes. However, if you are under a budget, then you can start with these low-cost tricks instead:

1. A fresh coat of paint.

A fresh coat of paint makes a big difference in any room, even the kitchen. You don’t have to paint the whole area with a new shade; rather you just focus on parts that you want to stand out, such as the cupboards and cabinets, or the tiles near the sink in case you are looking for a pattern in the kitchen space.

You can do the painting during the weekend, and if it suits you, choose a color that’s light to the eyes and warm to the feeling. Lemon yellows, peaches and turquoise shades are among the best ones to pick.

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2. Place a classy rug.

Many homeowners haven’t thought about this, but placing a rug on the kitchen floor also makes the space warmer and more comfortable especially to the feet. You can just roll down a sassy rug on the floor, particularly by the kitchen counter, so you can enjoy its benefits and at the same time create a chic vibe in the kitchen space.

3. Replace that boring faucet.

Chic faucets are cheap and available in every hardware or DIY store. Perhaps you can pay your nearby home depot a visit and pick a stylish faucet to replace the one on your kitchen sink-just to make the area pop out.

4. Add a wall gallery.

You may think that your kitchen is always filled up with stuff, but by looking around you can spot an area that’s barren and empty. Kitchen walls are usually like this, so why not give them a new look too?

You can fill up the kitchen wall with photo frames, or better yet, add new shelves where you can display your trinkets and other items in a more presentable manner. This way, the items you want to showcase will be properly seen and not hidden inside your kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

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5. Unique lighting.

Who says you can’t place a chandelier in your kitchen? You can!

Kitchens look different with lights and lamps, so why add one? You can place the chandelier or a cozy lampshade on the focal point of your kitchen, such as the island (or dining area). This way, you have light directed to that particular space, and keep the rest of the kitchen dim unless general lighting is necessary. You can even use your favorite lampshade in case you don’t want to spend more for this addition.

With this kind of lighting, your kitchen gets a romantic vibe at no extra hassle.

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