Use floral motifs to decorate your home

Giving your home a floral update has become a new trend and one among them is adding floral motifs in your home. Whether dainty or bold, there is no denying fact that floral motifs add a charming look to the home and ensure that your space looks nice. But that doesn’t mean that you are adding a feminine touch. Opt for right balance of décor elements and you won’t end up in creating female’s bedroom. Try to give your room a facelift with floral motifs. In the market you will find exciting color of motifs to chose from that suits your home décor and your personality. Exercise caution and strong design ideas when splashing your walls with motifs. A bold bright floral motif works on a narrow wall panel and on small accent wall and adds contemporary touch to the home. It is make friendly too! Covering a large space with florals can make it look overwhelming. Opt for a small print in neutral shades. The easiest way to introduce this by way of accessories like wall art, painted trunks, side tables, coasters, toys, crockery, wall hangings, dustbins, magazine racks. You can even add floral art in your child’s room too. It can be a conversation starter!

living-room-wall-decorating-purple-color-theme Use floral motifs to decorate your home
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Birds-trees-branch-Embossed-Textured-non-woven-wallpaper-flowery-floral-motif-background-home-decor-black-red Use floral motifs to decorate your home
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Cosy-decoration-in-red-and-blue-with-big-floral-motifs Use floral motifs to decorate your home
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