What accessories you can add to the bathroom?

Bathroom is the most neglected space of the house, they are considered as the last even when organizing the space. Let us therefore have a look on how to organize the bathroom in a more systematic ways and achieve great results within minimum time. Sounds to be a big list! Well, its easy!

Add shower

tavistock-micra-space-saving-bathroom-suite_MA What accessories you can add to the bathroom?
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First of all, de-clutter the bathroom and work on the bathroom shower to make it look organized. Put away all the products that are used less than once in a week. Remove all those hair conditioning packs, shampoos, conditioners and keep them ina  secret closet. Throw off every thing that is expired and you don’t wish to use from now as you will not probably use it.

Evaluate the products

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Check out all the products that are kept in drawers, baskets, shelves and even in wooden cabinets. Follow a single rule here. Eliminate all those old bottles, face packs, mud masks and moisturizers that have been there in cupboard and  have not been used. Store only the recently used articles.

Sanitize the things

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Sanitize the drawers, window panes, cabinets and shelves thoroughly and make then clean and tidy. Clean them with a mild detergent with an antiseptic or anti-bacterial product that will help to get rid of bacteria and germs. For a better outlook put a contact paper or a linen on the cabinets and shelves. It will provide the cleaned look.

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Decide on the requirements

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It is the most important task to do. Start with classifying articles that you require on daily basis. These things include face mask, shaving kit, face wash and all other things on daily basis. Designate a drawer for that and keep these things handy in the bathroom. Articles that are not needed on regular basis need to be segregated every time when you enter the bathing space and should be kept at a different place. Bathroom cleaning products, like cotton balls, face wipes can be included in the category. Use small wicker baskets to keep things organized in the bathroom.

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