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There are not many factors in your household that can perk up the mood, health, the comfort of your home, appearance of colors and the feeling of the room with just single factor-lighting. While most of us are trying to find the beautiful sofa to put into your living room or the best shade to be added in home office, how you light up the rooms with artificial light do make a difference. If you are trying to find smart way to change the look of the room-here are 10 tips to get started.
Natural light can change the overall mood of the home

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Do you know darkness add gloominess to the home? It makes you feel sad and unhappy. For most of us, it saves electricity bills, but in reality it makes us feel depressed. And do you know natural sunlight has health benefits too-yes it is good for eyes, skin, hair, mind and well being of individual. It adds to the natural beauty too. At the same time-your home reaps benefit as well. Natural sunlight kills bacteria trapped inside dark and wet spaces in your home and creates ambiance that cannot be created by artificial lighting sources.
They make the room feel more spacious and bright

Another benefit of natural sunlight is they make the interiors feel larger, natural sunlight also creates illusion of space. Dark rooms with large furniture and well lit rooms with less furniture can have the opposite affect when it comes to interior decoration. Consider using multiple light sources in the evening. To avoid dark areas in the home. The lights like ambient, task and wall sconces creates visually attractive ambiance in the room and make you want to linger in the room for longer time period.
Natural sunlight can be increased with help of minimal window treatments

In majority of the home, the problem isn’t the source of light through the adjacent windows, rather its ability of light to enter in the home. Have a look at the current window treatments. Heavy blinds, thick drapery and layered fabric curtain layer out the excess light. Consider using light weight fabrics like cotton, linen, especially in moderate temperature. For extreme climate, opt for versatile materials that can be tied back to let the light enter in or close when sun seems too glaring or bright.
Health benefits of natural sunlight

In majority of our homes we forget the mental benefits of natural sunlight into our interior and in our routine life. Whether you enjoy the glare of natural sunlight through the translucent glass blocks in your shower every morning or you open blinds wide in your home office every morning, there are several health benefits. Try walking outside the home and soak sunlight in your bones. You will surely come refreshed and energetic. It feels like there are several therapeutic benefits of sunlight-so think of different ways to bring it in your home in abundance.
Artificial lights can add beauty and distinction to your home

Lighting technologies has invented and reinvented itself. Starting from eco-friendly lights like compact fluorescent and LED fixtures to innovative ones, the options are endless. The artificial lighting creates wonderful experience. It brings gorgeous aesthetic to the home.
Add windows at the right place’

If you are in the process of designing the home or you have some flexibility is placing the furniture, consider these tips with natural sunlight. Depending upon the place where you live in the world and the orientation of the home and how it will affect the rising and setting of the sun also affects the family. Consider about lifestyle arrangements too-like are you morning riser and enjoy sun waking or rather you want to save natural sunlight for living areas. Think about all these facts even about window and furniture placement.
Select the best lighting fixtures for your home interior

There are so may lighting fixtures available in the market-we as homeowners are fortunate enough to have endless options. Walk through the home at different times of the day and determine what kind of activities you do in a particular room. Ambient or overall lighting usually consists of overhead lights-while task cabinets come in various types like under cabinet and table lighting. Ambiance lights like wall sconces and chandeliers add unique look to the home. They are even perfect for foyer areas. Select lights that compliments with your home interiors and add versatility to the home.
Add houseplants to make entryway for sunlight

Greenery and natural sunlight goes hand in hand with healthy living for human beings. Green plants are perfect excuse to let sunlight enter in. Houseplants in sunroom or growing a kitchen garden is perfect way to let small plants enter inside the home. Small terrariums on a side table or hanging in the bathroom is perfect places; if you don’t have enough space. Either way plants are the est way to let sunlight enter in.

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