Benefits of Top Shelves

Top shelves are custom installations on kitchens. Unlike the regular cupboards, top shelves are open and are usually situated above the sink and near the range. While they offer accessible storage spaces in the kitchen, but they also have other benefits.

If you are considering having a top shelf set up in your kitchen, then you may want to look at how it would spice up the room space.

1. Top shelves offers room for puck lights.

Puck lights are important because they illuminate the important parts of the kitchen, including the sink and range. Top shelves then provide adequate space for installing puck lights; the bulbs are placed in a protective platform and are geared towards lighting a specific section of the kitchen area.

2. Bridging wall shelves.

Top shelves create a transition throughout the kitchen, especially if there are already cupboards that have already been installed. Bridging the gaps helps in accessing the different storage areas on the kitchen walls without going from one section to another.

3. Top shelves can be used for pure display.

Are you looking for an area in the kitchen to serve as a display area of your precious porcelain collection? If you want this kind of display area that’s safe enough from being reached by children or pets, then you can use the top shelves. You can leave these areas open or covered with glass panes to protect your displays, or have the shelves as they are. You may also add photo frames and other trinkets if you want to make the kitchen look livelier.

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