How to add style in your home?

What is the commonest resolution that we come across in our everyday lives? Well, generally our resolutions are limited to losing weight, accumulating more wealth and stacking it. Well, this time make an effort to think outside the box, think about cutesy ideas for home improvement and stick to strong dose of cheer.

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How to improve your home

Tip 1- start to paint the home- you would be surprised to see what a coat of paint can do to the home. Paint the door or choose the walls that you want to decorate and get photos framed or hang artwork. There are many professionals to give you consultation and recommendation that suit the budget. It can be a conversation starter.

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Tip 2-Deep clean the home-Don’t wait for some special occasion to start cleaning, decluttering and removing old items. Start it with now- stash old DVD, remote and anything that’s broken and doesn’t fit well. Of what is left,  make a place for everything at its right place. Use wicker baskets and trays to streamline the stuff. You can even keep other items like basket, bags , bills to be paid or simply group up the things. Resolve the things so that the room look neat and clean. Annual cleaning is required.

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Tip 3-Safe home is important-No one can undermine the importance of safety, hence have safety door, video door, peephole and safety chains installed, get the cooking, AC pipe checked by the professionals. Make sure the home breathe safe in your presence and absence.

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Tip 4-Add greenery in your home-

fill your home with green plants that improves the energy level and make you feel good by bringing in the fresh air.

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Tip 5-Try to be energy efficient– trim down the unnecessary light, unplug the appliances and turn off lights when not required-just like how your grandma did during the childhood days.

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Tip 6-Buy something for your home- Buy something for your home that you never allowed yourself to buy. Starting from expensive artwork to crystal work to luxury paint job to full fledged repair, the options are endless.

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Tip 7-Be environment friendly– in the next society meeting think about rain harvesting. It may not be as easy to think, but it isn’t tough either. Start by installing solar panels for your home to become eco-friendly and lead the green movement, and soon others will trail you.

ENERGY-SAVING-TIPS How to add style in your home?
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Tip 8-Add entertainment zone in your home-complement the wall, add throw cushions, add unusual patterns in the home. Rearrange the furniture, get lamps out, place palm or other indoor plants in bright ceramic planters to complement with the wall, add throw cushions in unusual patterns on the sofa, add a colorful rug.|

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