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One of the commonest reasons why pillow change its color from white to yellow is sweat. Even when you are sleeping, your body continues to sweat to maintain the body at a comfortable temperature. Depending upon the kind of fabric your pillowcase is made from, the sweat can seep through the fabric. As sweat dries it leaves yellow stain. Even if you use pillow covers the staining can still occur. Most people buy a new pillow and discard the old one because they think it is the only solution.  But, do you know pillows can be washed? Well, hope so you are aware of the fact. If not, read the post further.





In this article, we will tell you some of the essential cleaning tips to keep your pillows smell fresh and stain free. Cover them when you require, but pillows still tend to develop odor and stains. You can keep them look fresh by washing them every three to six months. Our experts advice you following tips:

  • Check the laundering instructions. Most of the newer pillows can be washed in the machine, but some require dry cleaning only. Also, some fill materials like foam can’t go in the dryer.
  • Opt for front loading washer because a top loader is not perfect for washing a pillow. Add warm water and gentle cycle setting. Incorporate a bit of mild detergent the powdered one is bit harsh on a pillow. Insert pillows; ensure they are not packed too tightly. For through wash, repeat the rinse cycle. Don’t use, spin cycle unless and until your pillows are down.
  • Unlike other clothes, squeeze the pillows so that excess water is removed. Put the pillows in a tumble dry cycle and set to low heat. Repeat the procedure till it is completely dry. Pillows can’t be added in a dryer it should be hung on a rack.

Stylish solution for your pillows

Make your home look like hotel by washing your linens on regular basis and ironing them with a scented mist available in the market at competitive rates. Believe us; you won’t feel like leaving the bedroom.

A bonus tip

To extend the life of your pillows, dress them with protective pillow covers before putting them on their cases.

Check the care label properly

Remember check the care label properly, as it is important to learn.

Eco-friendly tips to keep your pillows plump

the best way to keep your pillows plump is to use reusable balls. These prevent pillows from getting lumpy in the dryer.

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