Home Interior Design Tips How to design sun room in your home?

Fortunately, if you have a sunroom in your home, chances are there its your favorite room in your home. Sunroom not only offer natural sunlight during day time and lets you to view landscape, but it is also an ideal place to relax and unwind yourself. Today, sunrooms are of high relevance in both new buildings as well as historic buildings in different regions. They embrace different styles that may include French Doors that is used to open the deck or a patio, and vinyl, wood, brick or aluminium around the windows that come in various designs, span floor to ceiling. Some sunrooms are also called as solariums or conservatories, also have glass ceilings. Many are used whole year around; these four season sunrooms are truly a nice extension of the home, some have central heat and air. The interior design of home could be lavish or minimal as per your wish. Elements like curtains or sheer and fireplaces-like wood burning, gas or electrical models can be used.


Sunroom Design Tips

Color the sunroom


Making a sunroom is an extension of your home. It is an important piece of home, so it is important to select the color of the room. You can even accentuate the home by adding pillows and accessories that complement with the home décor. Use a neutral shade in the room, she recommends. Gray and navy are the best combination to start with, you can layer the room with beautiful and bold shades in the spring and summer and warmer tones in the winter.



When it comes to designing of sunrooms, the designers are moving towards furniture and accessories that look more like interior decoration pieces, and it is better to have wickers and wovens for outdoor space. Sunrooms are best places to have comfortable furniture and upholstered fabrics including outdoor velvets, cheniles and leather.


Sunroom in luxury home with wicker furniture

Majority of the people don’t want to give up with the use of sun room even after spring and summer is over. Sunrooms are best places where you can install TV, or you can create a reading nook in the cooler months. Further, you can even bring portable electric fireplace and some warm decorative pillows to add warmth.

Flooring in sun rooms


Flooring in sunrooms consists of concrete, brick, wood or tile. Area rugs add texture and help designate space within a large sun room. Intricate floor designs like mosaic tiles or brick patterns can be added.



Majority of the plants thrive in sunrooms. They naturally receive filtered air to breathe in. Popular plants that you can add to sunrooms include begonias and African violets that are fairly low in maintenance and produce colorful flowers.

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