Monsoon Friendly Home Decoration Trends

Home décor trends keeps on evolving and if you are one among them who likes to experiment-this article is for you. With monsoon knocking the doors, it’s time to add bold interior decoration ideas in your home that uplifts your mood! Here are some monsoon friendly trends that are hitting the market.

Add mix and match patterns in the home

contemporary-living-room Monsoon Friendly Home Decoration Trends
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The favorite cushion covers are trendy these seasons and if you are planning on add one-just hang for a second. Take the risk of decorating your couch with a few mix and match cushion covers. If your old dining chairs have lost their time span or dying out-replace it with new ones instead of buying the new. You can even add vibrant chairs to give an eclectic vibe-it is perfect for urban home owners.

Add textured art to the home

whitewashed-wood-geometric-textured-wall-art Monsoon Friendly Home Decoration Trends
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Textured art has become a new fashion. Today, the artists are thinking about outside the box and are coming up with different kind of art forms. Textured art is something that has caught everyone’s attention. Well, if you are not willing to cover the home with art pieces then adorn the home with string art, installation or textural forms. Be a minimalist and stick to the fundamentals in the beginning.

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Add wall accents to the home

jason-johlarge-striped-floor Monsoon Friendly Home Decoration Trends
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If you don’t want to go overboard with accessories and just want to experiment then it is perfect for you. Wall accents not only add pop of shade across the home in small doses but it also creates a striking seamless flow in the home. If you want to add bold statement in the home accentuate the walls by using bright shades and if you want to do in subtle way then select contrasting shades. It is important to opt for shades that break monotony.

Add attractive doors to home

4d6c6936de1f79829e7fa966b7d705a1 Monsoon Friendly Home Decoration Trends
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Neutral homes generally have light shade doors. Bold doors in shades of dark and light shades makes a bold statement but also adds great contrast to the neutral rooms.

Add colored ceilings to the home

DM_bluebedroom Monsoon Friendly Home Decoration Trends
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Fake ceilings are not happening. It’s not about becoming a bit adventurous and painting the ceiling to be trendy thing to do now. Whether you wish to paint the entire ceiling or just paint patterns, the choice is yours. Remember, painting will make your room look smaller, so select shades wisely. Light shades make the room light and spacious while dark shades makes the room looks compact.

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