How to spruce up your spare bedroom

The spare bedroom is the forlorn-looking second cousin of the master bedroom. Most of the time, spare bedrooms only ever get used when a friend or family member decides to sleep over, which probably isn’t all that often.

The only other time it gets to fulfil its purpose is:
a) When you argue with your other half and relegate them to the spare bedroom for the night.
b) When your partner’s snoring gets to be too much.

As a general rule, spare bedrooms are musty, dusty and not great to sleep in, but that could all change with just a few simple alterations.

If you’ve got family coming to stay and you can’t stand the thought of them sleeping in your spare bedroom the way it is at the moment, give it a bit of a spruce up.

Here’s how:

1) Explore your artistic side
Most spare bedrooms can be quickly revamped with just a quick lick of paint. Some of the 2013s top colour trends in interior design include ocean-blue, lime, violet, coral and more.
spare-bedroom-colour-scheme How to spruce up your spare bedroom
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2) Give it some character

One of the biggest issues with spare bedrooms, in my opinion, is that they never have a personal stamp on them. While your own bedroom is packed with character, your spare bedroom is often entirely expressionless.

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If you want to change this, try adding some style by dotting a few eye-grabbing accessories around the room. Consider hanging an interesting painting on the wall, placing some colourful pillows on the bed or laying down a plush rug.

3) Make it cohesive
Give your spare bedroom a sense of fashionby going for a single theme rather than having mismatched furnishings. Choose from antique, futuristic, Mediterranean, rustic and more.
comfortable-spare-bedroom How to spruce up your spare bedroom
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4) Comfort is key
Above all else, your spare bedroom should be comfortable. Your guest should be able to rest easy and get a great night’s sleep without having to worry about an uncomfortable mattress or a chilly room.

One way to test your guest bedroom is to sleep in it yourself – ask yourself if you need to buy a new mattress, if the lighting is adequate and if the furnishings are attractive.

Your spare bedroom might sit unattended for most of the year, but if you want to make sure your accommodation is up to scratch just give it some attention before inviting guests to stay.

This article was written by the Odd Mattress Company, a company specialising in bespoke mattresses and bed frames.

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