The Basics of the Shabby Chic Theme

Shabby chic styles are very cozy and warm, and they promote rather a messy vintage appeal to the house. A lot of people love this style though, because it gives them a taste of their childhood home. In addition, embracing a shabby chic vibe in the house is easy, you can actually work on the interiors and decorations by yourself.

If you are looking to style up your home, or at least a room with the shabby chic style, then here are the basic ideas you can start with:

Color Scheme

Shabby chic styles use white as the main backdrop, and this can be seen in the walls, furniture pieces and covers. What makes white unnoticeable is that it comes with different patterns and prints, as the color is later given accents for it not to look boring.

If you don’t want white, then you can go for pastel colors, as the room has to glow with light, or at least colors that are cozy to the eyes.


In the shabby chic theme, you can use any kind of furniture, particularly those that have already aged. Most furniture pieces used in this theme are already old and vintage, from the tables to the armoires. When it comes to sofas, it is important to use those with bulky cushions or tufted upholsteries.

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The shabby chic vibe also comes in different designs. You can mix and match floral prints with stripes and other patterns, as long as they are in the white or pastel-colored backdrops. You can also add the design imprints on figurines and other trinkets that you want to display in the room space.

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