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After having a nice hot shower, a foggy mirror is a common problem. In order to visualize better, we end up wiping it with damp cloth or paper. This leaves all kinds of marks and thumb impression on the mirror thus making it look opaque and dirty. Don’t fret! Here we provide you solutions on how to defog bathroom mirror easily and effectively.


Having the bathroom mirror fog up, especially when you are caught in an early morning rush can be very annoying. Since most people like to shave or clean up after having a bath, the need for clean mirror becomes more noticeable. To prevent your mirror from becoming foggy, clean it after 3-4 days depending upon use. Aside from that, here are some ways on how to keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up.

Shaving cream– shaving cream is the best solution for foggy mirrors. The next time before having a hot water bathe, spread some generous amount of shaving cream on the mirror and wipe it with a tissue or towel. Doing this will keep your mirror fog free and for long tenure.


Vinegar– vinegar is a homemade remedy to get stain free, shiny mirror. Make a solution of water and vinegar in equal proportion and spray it on the mirror. Wipe it with a tissue. This is one among the easiest way to clean up foggy bathroom mirror.
Dish Soap-just use some dish washing liquid to clean up the mirror, as it could help a lot. The mirror would remain steam proof for some days.


Petroleum Jelly– it works or not? Well, confused? Yes, it does! Just smear a thin layer of jelly on the glass. Petroleum jelly also helps to remove calcium buildup made by shower water.


Car wax– it is the simplest way to defog your bathroom mirror. Use a good amount of car wax and apply it on the mirror and then wipe it with the help of mirror. This is akin to your car window. It is really easy and effective trick.
Blow dryer- if you are lazy to use any of the above-mentioned tips to defog the mirror, then worry not! Use your common hair dryer to remove fog and spots on the mirror.



In a nutshell, these are simple yet effective tips to defog your bathroom or bedroom mirrors. These tips will surely make your bathroom look blemish and spot free. Do you have any other décor idea?

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