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Style- The next factor that you need to take into consideration is style. Whether you need vintage style or a modern style? These are the styles that you need to consider before buying a table. If you opt for a contemporary look, select sleek metal table along with a glass top. If look is casual, rustic oak is suitable. Go for a round table with wood turned legs to get a romantic feel. There are various styles to select from, jut use the décor that go well with the room.


Scale- Another factor that needs to be stressed is scale. Every piece of a table should be of appropriate scal. For instance, a heavy overstuffed table coupled with dainty coffee table is not the perfect scale. Pair an overstuffed couch with a large table. The two pieces being of equal size will scale with each other. It is best to use a dainty coffee table with a loveseat or settee. Scaling is important factor because size and visual weight is of primary importance.

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Options- Sometimes thinking innovatively helps you to find the perfect table. Old steamer trunks, cedar chests, ottomans are the best alternatives for typical coffee table. Every option has its own appeal. Ottomans can be made from leather or fabrics and these add visual interest in the room. These also serve as a place to put up your feet without concern. They complement well for any high traffic zone that uses these tables a lot. Generally, trunks that were brought by immigrants to newer world are another option. If you are fortunate, you may have inherited trunk to use as an interesting conversation piece.


How to buy


Now, that everything is decided like budget, style, size, functionality and material, now it’s the time to shop. It is the best part of decorating, isn’t it? You can buy from top-notch departmental stores or you can buy from the flea markets or go to the antique store. Remember; bring measurements of the room, like space available, height and other furnishings. It will help you to get a perfect table for your room.


Searching a perfect coffee table may take a bit of effort and it is a thoughtful decision, but it is not an overwhelming tas. Armed with these tips, finding a coffee table would be fun. Enjoy it and find a piece that complements your space.

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