How wall decor can change the look of your room?

Wall decor changes the look of the room, whether it is bedroom, drawing room, living room, bathroom or kids room. For kids bedroom, you can decorate the walls with their favourite drawings, cartoon characters, inspiring prints, etc. But if you are decorating for teenage rooms, it should be appealing and different from kids bedroom. You can adorn their rooms with wall sconces, candle holders, beautiful wall clocks, charming vases, wall vine racks and ultra- modern wall shadow boxes, etc. It will add glamorous touch to the walls of the room. Here are simple decoration tips on how to change the look of your walls.

Wall Candle Holders and Sconces

They are decorative and pretty. Also, they are great addition in the room. So, when some beautiful candles are placed, they will add spark or light to the room. In order to attain an extraordinary look for the room, you can hang wall sconces by a fireplace, around the mirrors or on a wall. Wall sconces suit to every interior decoration, whether it is antique or modern or traditional. Wrought iron candle holders add comfortable and warm feeling to the room with different aromatic candles and perks up your mood.
Architectural Pieces


You can embellish the walls of the room with beautiful and stylish architectural pieces and it will make your boring room look interesting and exciting. You can create an interesting atmosphere in the room by selecting right colours and textures of architectural pieces. Ancient artwork on the walls offers elegance and style to the room. In order to create unique style for the room, you can blend old art pieces with modern pieces.
Wall Clocks

Wall clock is an easy option to decorate the room of wall. They not only tell you the time, but also improve the overall decor of the room. They are stylish, elegant and add a statement to space on your walls.
Add wall art and sculptures

Install metal wall art and sculptures on the walls of the room to make a style statement. Metal wall art and sculptures offer a unique look to the walls of the room and leave an everlasting impression on the minds of visitor. Either you can use it indoor or outdoor of the home for interior decoration. Copper metal art adds brilliant look to the walls of the room, as it changes the colour naturally. Metal wall art sculptures are available in small and large sizes, but you can select according to the requirements. For a distinct style, collect various small metal art pieces to make it a large piece.
Add shadow pieces

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You can lend a dramatic touch to the walls of the room with the help of shadow boxes. Modern shadow boxes create a fascinating appearance within your favourite room and your guests can grab the beauty of these boxes. They are available in vibrant colours and will make your home look different.

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