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A particularly resourceful US dad has become a huge hit on the net after uploading a video demonstrating his clever way of fixing his daughter’s hair into a ponytail. The clip shows the man sucking up his daughter’s hair using a vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment and fastening it with a band in just five seconds! But this time-saving use for a vacuum is just the tip of the iceberg – read on to learn more about unusual uses for this household staple.

Flea in your ear?

A Devon man was recently admitted to hospital after a moth flew into his ear, but before taking the plunge and making the journey to casualty, he decided to try out a more home grown method of removing the moth – sucking it out with a Dyson vacuum cleaner! Although it didn’t work, the man was thinking along the right lines. When he got to hospital, doctors used a high powered vacuum nozzle to suck the offending insect out and gave the man a telling off too. Submitting your ear to high vacuum pressure can rupture the ear drum, so don’t try this at home.
bad uses of vacuum cleaner
Spider Man?

It may not be the kindest method of dealing with insects, but plenty of people use a vacuum to suck up spiders. A schoolboy from Cambridge went one step further, however, by using two budget vacuums to effectively become a spider. The 13-year-old King’s College student designed and built his very own suction powered pack, allowing him to walk up walls. He was carefully supervised to ensure his safety, however, so don’t start hacking up your vacuum just yet!

Cry baby?
weird uses for a vacuum
If your baby is driving you crazy with constant crying, try turning on your vacuum cleaner. A Birmingham woman recently reported that the sound of her Dyson was the only thing that could soothe her colicky infant, whilst another discovered that her toddler loves nothing better than clinging onto a vacuum and taking a ride. So, if your little one is proving hard to soothe, turning on the vacuum may just be the key to calming them down – not to mention giving you a chance to do some impromptu housework!

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