Home Home Decoration Tips What small mistakes that you need to avoid before designing a kitchen?

The kitchen is the most important part of the home-it is not the place where food is cooked rather it is a place where dreams are cherished and love is poured. Hence, it is important that the kitchen should look beautiful and comfortable. When you are designing a new kitchen or planning to relocate to another apartment or even revamping the existing one, here are some instructions that you need to follow to make the space functional and attractive.


Create adequate space for ventilation


We all Indian cooking is not healthy cooking. It is associated with dollops of ghee, smoke and strong odour and absence of ventilation may lead to stale, bad air and discolored wall. It is better to install an exhaust fan or a chimney close to the cooking area. The kitchen should have at least a single window for ventilation and natural sunlight. Besides making the kitchen look tidier, this will also make cooking pleasant and easy.

Separate illumination is must


It is absolutely important to have necessary illumination arrangements in the kitchen for tasks that involve working with knives and other kitchen tools and kitchen appliances and even for washing utensils. If your kitchen doesn’t receive adequate sunlight, it is definitely important to have artificial lighting arrangements, including a general light, and separate illumination for working are and sink.

Keep away the clutter


Kitchen is the soul of the home, hence it should always remain clutter free. Since it is an area where most of the kitchen work is concentrated, so it needs to be accessible and unobstructed. If it is cluttered with wide range of accessories, that is too small or too large, then cooking can become a challenging and difficult task.

Pick up the right shade for the kitchen


Sometimes, by picking up just the right shade for the kitchen can create a pleasant ambiance in the kitchen. For example, the shades of blue, purple and green don’t stimulate appetite and can be frustrating. Neutral and earthy shades are best for the kitchen that exude warmth and it compliment well with wooden cabinets and it also serve as reminder how food is cultivated. If you prefer something brighter, colors like yellow, red and orange are cheerful and best. To add a dash of color to neutral walls, paint inside the wooden kitchen cabinets in bright shades for contrast. White looks best but is difficult to maintain.

Flooring for the kitchen


Before deciding the kitchen flooring, think about budget and requirements. Like vinyl is affordable and easy to clean. It is suitable for home frequented by children, but the con is they are prone to wear and tear and emit harmful gas. Ceramic tiles are the best option, being waterproof and durable. Hardwood floor exudes charm and sophistication but can be damaged by water. So, be careful before selecting them.

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