ABC of interior decoration

Don’t know how to decorate the home? Are you looking out for the first steps towards interior decoration? Well, before actually you start decorating the home, let’s have a look towards these tips.

Budget-Before starting with anything else, first of all you need to look towards the budget. We would all love to have endless funds to decorate our home, but it is not realistic. There should be some cap on decorating budget, so that you can actually look what it is now before you shoot for a design that is out of your price range. Once you have decided on budget, add a few dollars on top of that for mistakes that you may do. Now, that you have a budget, start making a list of rooms in your home that needs to be decorated. Obviously, the budget is limited, you are not going to be able do all of them over the course of months, so you need to prioritize the rooms. Generally, you need to focus on rooms that attract high traffic. These, are after all rooms that most of the guests will see when they come over. The other rooms can be decorated at later time and as money allows, so don’t stress on your pocket.

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Create a priority List– Now, that you have budget, ideas and priority list. Now it’s time for interior decoration. The first thing that you need to do is to design the home décor. Generally, when you design or décor the home, you need to keep the same design throughout the home, especially where you can’t close the door to a particular theme. The last thing that you want to do is to have country-styled kitchen with Asian themed dining room. There are several types of design styles and it is really a matter of personal choice. Lately, there has been a shift from eclectic to modern décor and you can add elements based on that.

Once you have decided the style of a room, now make a sketch how you want to make your room to look like. Make a few notes, on how the furniture must have and identify the items should be brand new and which items should be refurbished pieces. Both can make wonderful statements to the room, but you can find both through garage sakes, auction and flea market.
Colour is one of the most important areas for home decoration and it should be the first step when it comes to home decoration. Many people feel that starting point of decoration should be walls and floors, but it isn’t the only rule for decorating colour palette. Instead, one can start with accent piece and start working from there. The end result is what you are going for and it does matter.

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After you have finished the walls, now it’s time to decorate the space. You can add different accessories like table, door, and headboard. Feel free to experiment and find some unusual pieces of décor for home inspiration.

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