Creative ways on how to add columns to your home

Throughout the history, the architects have found several innovative ways to address the issue of structure versus aesthetics in building the homes. Columns are one among those design challenges that are required for the structural support to carry roof, upper floors or other weight bearing loads to the ground to support the home. While you may think that columns can be covered in several ways, but here we offer you the tips on how to cover it in a nice way. Here are 10 ways on how to use columns as a design feature in the home.

When designing about home think about overall structure

If you know a little about designing and aesthetics, it is important to think about overall structure of the home, talk to structural engineer and architect about the options available on how to address the column. Especially in large rooms like living room and family room or open kitchen, ask the design professionals and plan how you can use the space, so that large columns aren’t struck at inappropriate place.
Plan the layout of furniture around the columns

For several people home columns can act as a focal point to the space. Exterior decks for example, wood, stucco bricks and stone can be displayed as a focal point of attention. Don’t be afraid to experiment around the columns to enjoy comfortable seating area. Plus, take care about the materials used and role that colours play.
Add luxurious details along with addition to columns

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If you want to add grandeur and luxury to the interiors, there is no better thing than adding architectural feature known as columns. Classic columns are eye catching and can be displayed as Doric and Tuscan style with simple lines or even elaborate as Corinthian style along with intricate details like leaves, swirling and other details. Columns can be used in a main foyer or in the large master bathroom to create luxurious and classical atmosphere.
Architectural style columns

Architectural periods have come and gone and there are several features from every period that characterizes how to add structure and columns. Consider exploring architectural periods or asking about the architect what style of columns would match architectural theme of the home. It will keep home true to the design era.
Create a focal point using greenery around exterior columns

While you may think that columns are for utilitarian uses, they can also become a focal point, especially for outdoor patio or for terrace. Trellises and arbors are used to vertically display greenery and columns also serve the same purpose. Ask the landscape designer about the kind of foliage for clinging onto specific materials. Climbing ivy or plant can be used vertically and horizontally for outdoor applications.
Select the best material for interior columns

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Depending upon the kind of interior, consider the kind of materials that will work the best for your home. For major chic urban homes lots of appeal of exposed steel columns can be painted or left unpainted is a design aesthetic that many people love. It is for industrial style room. While if your home has refined and traditionally appointed interiors then drywall wraps and columns are a beautiful way to finish an open basement large room.
Customize the interior with faux columns

Though the original intent of adding columns was adding structural and designer beauty to the home, but architects have found that using non-structural columns can also create aesthetic interior or can be used as a design element. Non load bearing columns also look elegant in foyers and in entryways.
Columns as a design element of the home

Another design element that you need to consider is to use columns as a base of bookshelves to display items and other creative display of the interiors. Many architects use columns to flank a fireplace on both the side to use in-built shelves to display books, entertainment centre media, sculptures and more.
Don’t think a column can be removed from the design

Majority of the homeowners when trying to renovate the home take assumption that they can remove the column to open the room or create a desired look they are going after. Consult a structural engineer before deciding on how to remove existing columns. Damage to your home can’t be removed once done.

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