Adding Spice to the Country Style Dining Room

Country style dining rooms are not really decorated; in fact they are seen to be old, rustic and torn apart by age, and yet they still look beautiful. Because of this shabby chic style, country style dining rooms are not difficult to set up.

You just have to be careful with your choices to adorn the dining room in this kind of theme. Placing the wrong elements may only make it more difficult for you to achieve the right look, and in the end you’ll only have a smorgasbord of mismatched items that only make the space crowded and cluttered.

Among the tips you can use to set up a country style dining room vibe are:

1. Use a long wooden table.

You can never go wrong with a long wood table. Use one that’s not polished or the kind that’s already old but still sturdy. Long tables are used in country homes because they not only serve as venues for dinners; they are also designed to accommodate everyone in the house during mealtime.

2. Mix and match chairs and benches.

If you already have a long wooden table in the dining room and would want to add more seating area, then settle for benches instead of chairs. Well, you can use the chairs on one side and the bench on the other, while the ends of the table should have more respected, armed seats. This way, you are able to retain the family hierarchy in the dining area while giving extra seats for the guests to occupy.

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3. Add center platters.

Center platters are very important in country style dining areas. These platters contain ornaments, trinkets and bits of food that’s ready for consumption in the dining area. You can use these platters to add fruits, desserts and other items, or for condiments so that it would be easier for guest to use them during meals.

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