Ways to Clean those Antique Furniture Pieces

Antique furniture are beautiful and elegant, but at the same time they are prone to getting stains, dirt and molds due to exposure to different weather conditions. It is just right to clean them from time to time in order to retain their original beauty, and polish their looks, and as well prevent them from wear and tear.

But cleaning can also be tricky. By using the wrong materials and doing it the wrong way, you might even damage the furniture and restoring them may cost more money. Thus, to help you with your cleaning issues, here are some ways you can start doing:

1. Brush off the stains with soap and water.

If your furniture pieces have stains on them, you don’t have to wash off the whole furniture piece. Rather, just brush the stained area using a cleaning brush dabbed in a soap and water solution. Remember to use soap that doesn’t contain bleach, otherwise it may affect the fabric of the chair.

2. Dust off the non-fabric areas with a small paintbrush.

Meanwhile, if you have antique chairs whose intricate designs have been filled with dust and dirt, then you can start cleaning them by dusting off the residue with a dry brush. This way the dust won’t stick just fall off. For molds and sticky dirt, you can spray a soap and water solution, brush the area, then wipe it dry.

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3. Regular cleaning.

Finally, you should remember that cleaning is a recurring process. Thus, do a scheduled cleaning at least once a month, so that your chairs, as well as your other furniture, are kept at their best shape.

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