Basics for luxurious bathroom

bathroom1 Basics for luxurious bathroom
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Theme plays an important role in case of luxurious bathroom. A good theme reflects its own personality. Apart from modern theme, there are several other styles that can be incorporated in the bathroom to make it royal and heavenly. A spa like ambiance can be created with the help of stone and pebbled accents. Greenery and sunken tubs further add to the ambiance. An open air theme bathroom can be easily created with the selection of right fixtures and location. Having the bathroom look like a green courtyard will make it into an oasis. There are plenty of options available in the market to make your bathroom top-notch. Wall tiles are one among them. They come in several designs and with the shower panels. A simple tip is to use the similar tiles for floor and wall to give seamless look to the space.
The look and style of the fixtures will reinforce a particular theme. A modern ceramic tub or a Victorian style clawed feet tub-both have distinct features and create different visual effect. The styling of sinks has punch as well. Starting from the counter bowls to sunken ones, there is variety of option available. Most of all, they are available in different design and material. Glass and ceramic are the most demanded, but opal, copper, marble also adds uniqueness to the space. Technology and fixture are good friends. So, search out for latest innovations that will make the bathroom delightful to see about. Whirlpool Tubs, smart shower panels- that can be embedded in the wall, soft closing toilets and back-lit mirrors are some fixtures that can be added to the requirements. Wall mounted WC always score well in terms of aesthetics. Mirrors running along the length of the wall are easiest way to jazz up the bathroom.
A television and a state-of-the art audio system are not out of place in case of a luxurious bathroom. There is necessity to pay attention to details and niceties like towel warmers, soft towels, artistic soap dispensers and even potted greenery make a great impact. Search for catchy color changing LED’s that will brighten up the bathroom. Small light fixtures are highly recommended and having ambient work lights works the best for ambiance. If space permits, incorporate a piece of furniture like a wicker chair to add the feel of unexpected.
Accessibility, ventilation and natural lightning are the basic needs for any bathroom.Anti-skid flooring, grab bars for the tub with smooth and rounded edges for the vanity counter and edges of the tub can be added to the bathroom. Think about skylight if the space permits. White or pastel colors for the floors and wall will make the bathroom look bright and better.

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