How to add appeal to the kitchen

The most common perception that exists today is the small kitchens are variably outdated, overcrowded and it lacks appeal, and in most cases it doesn’t carry any practical value. But there are limitless options that can be added to a small kitchen to make it look wow and completely different from conventional kitchens.

A small kitchen can be made functional yet charming and stylish by keeping away the clutter to the minimum, thereby creating an illusion of space. This can be achieved not only by designing the kitchen and cabinets, but also by selecting right kind of materials, colors and decorative elements. Here are some tips on how to do so:

Gadget Space

Given the size of the kitchen, it is crucial to list the gadgets that needs to be accommodated according to the storage space, as well as segregation of items need to be done in terms of most used gadget and less commonly accessed. The best way is to leave maximum floor space is to make use of vertical storage space above the counter. While the gadgets like microwave and blender can be stored in the vertical space above the counter, the most unused items can be stored in a space close to the ceiling. Items like cooking gas and cylinder can be stored outside the kitchen to save the storage space. Likewise, china ware and cutlery and infrequently used items can be shifted to dining space cabinets.

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Colors and designs

As the space is small, so the clutter should be avoided at any cost. It should be minimal and it can be easily achieved by ensuring that the counter is fairly empty at any time. It is the best way to add vibrant touch to the small kitchen and to highlight colors on the cabinets or even pattern that add novice without crowding the space. A stylish laminate would add much character to the home. Go for pastel shades or for the most exposed wall space while a strong highlight color can be used in one of the walls. Alternatively, if any earthy feel is needed, the highlight wall can be given texture in the form of stone or exposed brick. Even a textured paint serves as an interesting element.


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The structure of the cabinets can be designed in a manner that adds visual interest to the room. While even the most inconvenient nooks in the small kitchen can be utilized with uniquely designed shelves and the rest of the cabinets can be turned into open shelves, glass cabinets and wood shuttered shelves.

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