Choosing the right tableware

There is such a choice of tableware on offer for both domestic and restaurant uses that it is easy to choose the wrong set.

How food looks is extremely important. The look of the food is the first impression and as is regularly said, you eat with your eyes. How food is presented on a plate is so crucial these days. The food itself needs to look appealing but what it is presented on can also greatly affect the way the dish looks. Top chefs know the importance of this and they will be the ones that choose the dinnerware range for the restaurant. Only a few years ago, a standard plate would be used to serve all the dishes. Now there are curved, square, rectangle, oval and shallow bowls. Different dishes are presented on each plate depending on the look required. Some chefs are even using slates, pieces of wood and other such materials. A beautiful piece of dinnerware can give the dish that wow factor when arriving at the table.

Chefs, especially, tend to choose white dinnerware. White presents all food well and is a blank canvas for the presentation. Michelin star food is one area where presentation goes hand in hand with the taste of the food and these chefs consider the plate or receptacle highly.
white-dinnerware Choosing the right tableware
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It is not just in the professional and commercial sectors where there has been an advance in tableware design. Top designers such as Terrance Conran and Vera Wang have designed collections and home owners are paying more attention to how their table looks. Dinner parties are back. The popularity of cooking programs, the ability to buy high quality produce in supermarkets now and factors such as the recession could be contributing factors. Having a spectacular looking dining table makes guests feels special.
modern-dinnerware Choosing the right tableware
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Ill matching tableware, dinnerware and cutlery can greatly affect the feel of a restaurant or a home dining table. Modern china and dinnerware would look completely out of place in a traditional looking room and vice versa. It is something that many people notice these days whether it be when visiting a restaurant or attending a dinner party.
Patterned-dinnerware Choosing the right tableware
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There are so many different ranges on the market to choose from with some very modern and distinct styles such as the Villeroy and Boch china ranges or for a more traditional look, Wedgwood, Denby and Aynsley produce timeless design ranges. Versace china has even created some ranges for Rosenthal.

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Patterned dinnerware and tableware can date so if longevity is what is required then a simple white set cannot be beaten. White tableware goes with every colour scheme but should a more distinctive or modern look be required then there are some amazing modern designs around at the moment. Leaders in this field are designers such as Terrance Conran and Villeroy and Boch. Clean line designs in white are the dinnerware sets that are being most favoured at the moment. In a very practical sense of breakage, a broken white piece can be replaced even with a different range. Buying key patterned pieces though to use with a plain white set is an excellent way to introduce colour or patterns whilst still keeping to predominantly white.

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