Simple tips to make your home safe from crime

No matter where we live or where we choose to make our home, the sad reality is that crime will be a concern. Granted, it is more of a concern in some places than in others, but the sad truth is, that in our modern world of poverty, damaged people, drug addiction and great disparities in wealth, there is always the risk of things like burglaries and home invasions. But these are risks that can be mitigated against, and there are strategies and tactics that can help with the prevention of crime. Most people have probably considered some of these options, but for those who are new to the game, here are a few angles that you might want to think about.

Visibility is good

One of the cornerstones of crime prevention is visible policing. It is the old-school model of the bobby on the beat, where policemen walk the streets, keeping an eye on what is going on. Sadly, this is something that doesn’t happen too much anymore with a much greater focus now placed on reacting to events as opposed to preventing them. Budget constraints for police tend to influence this. This is where you should look to see which private security companies are operating in your neighbourhood. Contract with one of these and make sure that they are patrolling the area regularly. The more patrollers there are the safer your home environment will be.

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Say no to high walls

The notion that high walls, often topped with electric fencing or spikes will improve your security is a complete myth. In fact, it may well decrease it. To anybody observing a house with a high wall, the message is twofold. Firstly, it suggests that there must be items of extreme importance and value behind the wall. Secondly, it says that once over the wall they are completely invisible from the street, meaning that there is a licence to skulk around unhindered to see what they can take. A simple fence is much better security. It denotes a boundary and it keeps undesirables out, but it allows for visibility and it keeps the sense of community intact.

Motion sensors

External beams are significantly better than old-school alarms. While in many ways they do exactly the same thing – that is sound an alarm when a person is on the property – the motion sensing beams do it earlier. Old-school alarms are typically activated only once the breaking and entering are underway. Perimeter beams, however, go off before a window is broken, making it much less likely that a criminal will continue. It also gives you, as the homeowner, a much longer time to react ahead of the invasion.

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Dogs are man’s best friend for so many reasons, but one of the most important roles that they play is as early warning systems and crime preventers. A couple of dogs on the property will go a long way to keeping criminal elements at bay. And, while there are always chances that criminals might poison them or incapacitate them somehow, dogs are still a great first-line of defence.

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