Corner bathroom designs

If you buy a small bathroom with minimal space, you might probably want to buy corner bathroom design, which is specially designed to fit in any corner of the bathroom. A corner bathroom is apt for smaller space where you have less space to consume. But it is not restricted to small bathrooms only; it can be used to bring aesthetics in the home. If you have a separate space for a shower, installing a corner bathroom design can be a good option. These baths have become highly popular option for you. These bathroom are stylish and various attractive designs are available because of two main reasons because it is attractive and it has ability to fit in small spaces. You can put corner bath in two ways:corner bath tub or a corner shower.

Corner bath tubs utilize the space in the corners of the bathroom which might get wasted otherwise. These range in various sizes from very small tubs to larger ones that can easily accommodate two persons. They also come in various shapes and designs with motifs, built-in seats, air jets for artificial currents.

Corner Baths– It occupies less space and is usually allow smaller tubs to fit in that include buit-in-tubs or free standing tubs of different shapes like square, circular, pie or a wedge, etc. These tubs are intelligent choices for a contemporary and modern look. The benefits of corner bath tubs are that they provide space configuration and add elegance and style to the bathroom.

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The only flaw with these tubs are they are not easy to clean as standard tubs are and they don’t have in-built shower. For privacy, shower curtains can be added in the bathroom. Shower curtain rods are generally neglected but they can make a great impact in the look of your corner bathtub. They are practical and complement the shape of tub or shower.

To go with your bathtub or shower, your corner bathroom might need a corner bath shower too. You can install showers specifically designed to complement corner of the bathroom. The more popular option is hand held shower style which can be hung on a hook or mounted on the wall, or can be directly attached to the faucet. You may want to consider the wall mounted corner showers that are traditional, but have edge over other designs.

If you are installing corner bathtubs because of space constraint then a corner bath vanity might be just what you are looking for. These vanities are typically triangular in shape and requires less apace and are as functional and practical as standard vanity

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