Theme for your kids room

The kids are fascinated with colourful, decorative themes on the walls, various kinds of furniture, etc. Every kid wants his/her room to be decorated with different themes or styles. While decorating kid’s room it is important to give a realistic touch to their imagination. Decorate your kid’s bedroom with lots of theme which they prefer the most.  Don’t force them to follow the theme if they don’t like it. Also, bear in mind their ages while decorating kid’s room of different age groups.  Since your kids like fantastic, exciting and creative themes, the following themes you can choose from:

Cartoon theme

Use bed sheets, curtains, cushion cover with cartoon character embedded on it because most of the kids are fond of cartoons. To get this look paint the walls of the room in light colour and paste the mural of cartoons on the walls. Cartoons like Spiderman, Aladdin, Sponge Bob creates an overwhelming effect.  Also, you can select from cartoon character that your child likes and do furnishing in a similar way. Decorate the kid’s bedroom with some cartoon theme and it is not as difficult as you think, it is easy.

Jungle theme

Some children are fond of pets and other animals. You can decorate the kids room in jungle theme by making tree, animals on their walls. In order to provide them jungle theme in kid’s room, you can use wall murals or wall papers to keep up this theme. Keep toys of animals in the room. The child will surely appreciate this kind of theme. You can select a wall or a corner to reflect these themes on the wall on kid’s room. To reflect themes on the wall install a pedestal light with a theme in front of the wall.

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Sea theme

In order to give your home a sea theme makes the room look like a sea. Color the walls of the room with light blue colour and white mix as it gives the feeling of water on sea theme. Use sea theme, draw or paste fishes or other sea creature on light blue walls. You can even go for star fish or a shell to accentuate the home.

Traveler theme

In order to create travelers theme, make use of poster of man on the walls, trains, race, cars, as in this way you can show your kids how to explore the world to the fullest.


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