Create a Natural look in your Home with Wood Effect Porcelain

It is no surprise that many homeowners love the style of a wood finish, with its distinctive character helping to provide an undisputable wow factor. If you wish to acquire this natural appearance in flooring which is both durable and low maintenance then look no further than wood effect porcelain tiles. There are many shades and styles to choose from, perfectly capturing the genuine beauty of well known varieties like Oak, Teak and Walnut. The pattern is so realistic that your guests will believe it’s the real thing!

Provide floors with a Timeless Appeal

Many trends come and go but as far as wood flooring is concerned its timeless appeal ensures it remains among the most desirable styles on the market. It works to great effect regardless of the desired theme, so whether you are looking to create a contemporary, rustic or traditional decor there’s always a place for wood flooring. To further emphasise its resemblance to genuine wood, porcelain tiles are laid in a staggered pattern. This produces an authentic feel throughout open plan living room designs, kitchens and conservatories. If you are thinking of converting a room in to an office space it is also an outstanding choice. You can match this flooring with stone features or even wooden worktops and panels for a continuation of the natural theme. The fresh look certainly helps make interiors appear larger and you will even notice the knot pattern which is a feature of trees with their bark removed.

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Stylish and Practical

Not only is wood effect flooring a stylish option but its practical qualities mean you will not be burdened by a high maintenance covering. Unlike genuine wood panels, porcelain tiles do not require regular treatment in order to keep them in pristine condition, instead just standard cleaning and maintenance will be suffice. Porcelain is also incredibly hard wearing so don’t have any concerns about choosing these tiles for the high traffic areas of your home such as a hallway or porch. These tiles also have a low moisture absorption rate making them less prone to staining. The texture of this wood effect flooring creates a high level of slip resistance, making them a safe option in any part of your home. Porcelain is also compatible with under floor heating systems whereas genuine wood may warp with the fluctuations in temperature.

Cost Effective Wood Effect Flooring

Not only will the initial outlay for wood effect flooring be considerably less than a genuine application but choosing porcelain will also save you money in the long run. If an individual tile becomes damaged then it can simply be replaced. Furthermore, the treatment of natural wood which includes sanding and varnishing all takes time and costs additional money. If wood effect porcelain is laid correctly and taken care of with standard cleaning thereafter it should last a very long time in your home. If you are a DIY enthusiast then you may even want to lay these tiles as part of a home project, saving you even more money.

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By Andrew Brown

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