Which window is the best for your home?

Being a consumer, you are constantly bombarded with questions on how to reduce carbon footprint. In market, lots of home improvement products are available, different products are touted on television and paper advertisements. But selecting the specific one for your home and family can be bit tricky. Despite the age and style of home, look at your windows and see whether any replacement is required. If you realise then you need to delve deeper. Here are some guidelines on how to reduce carbon footprint or how to make environment friendly.

Vinyl: Benefits and Disadvantages


No doubt, vinyl comes equipped with insulation properties, and it makes the windows energy efficient. But the materials used to create such kind of windows are not environment friendly, as it may seem. The by products of vinyl and the PVC is used to make frames that is reported as harmful to environment. In fact, PVC can release range of toxins that your family need to avoid. Look for different material options like wood framed windows. It is more sustainable option. While other materials tend to be pricey, but replacing your windows one by one is much eco-friendly option. Needless to say, further it eliminates the problem of toxins and does not cause energy loss.

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DIY Options


Replacing your old windows is not the only way to eliminate the problem of energy losses that is accompanied by poor insulation or air leaks. Instead, it is better to go for do-it-yourself options that will reduce the amount of energy or air leaked both in winters and summer. Your local home improvement store will offer caulk that you can use to fill cracks or leaks that surrounds the frames of your windows. Additionally, you can explore other options like weather stripping options that will keep the integrity of original windows, while improving the energy loss through bad insulation.

Replacement of Glass

Your old glass windows may be fulfilling the role, but now it is slightly tweaked. Hence, you require professionals, who can help you to replace old, leaky glass or seals with the new ones. If your windows don’t have their seal or in case they have multiple panes, some companies can help you to fix that seals, therefore, reducing the problem of energy loss. Additionally, with the advent of technology, glass and windows are not a good option. So, it is better to use old wooden frames while replacing the outdated glass.

By using above-mentioned methods one can improve the current functions. Further, it will ensure that you don’t end up piling a landfill or toxic materials. Improving current windows is the simple and best way.

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