Décor your home with code cobalt

We all know the kind of energy that cobalt blue emits. The interior designer goes as far and tout that it is the most popular color of the season. No doubt, blue has become a new black. Here are some ways on how to add this color to your home:

Feel Blue- Thinking about how to introduce this color into your home interior without getting overwhelmed by its dynamic beauty? Well, if you are not looking for something permanent but just a quick change then incorporate blue vases, accented cushion covers and dining sets. This will add a hint of this color without getting it dominant. Take a cue from the suggestion and you can proceed with strategic touches in the tone- starting from rugs to bed linen to upholstery and other knick knacks , glassware, mats, coasters and so on. The experts say that a tufted velvet accent couch or a striped headboard in the bedroom in this shade will make a perfect addition. This color is suited for the kitchens and bathrooms as a backsplash or as accent walls. Moreover, the code cobalt comes in white and beech wood textures for a casual, non-dominating Californian cool look. Large uninterrupted floor-to-ceiling windows, light woods and series of gray and blue on the walls, furniture and furnishing will render a beach look to the room. Another personal favorite that compliments cobalt blue is white or ivory to get that perfect Mediterranean look. Think about dainty houses of Santorini, Greece.

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Avoid Overdose of Cobalt Blue- The cobalt blue is very electrifying and striking, so it is not recommended to use it in overdoses as one can do with neutral shades like brown, ivory or beige. So, where should one draw the line? Well, the experts suggest that Cobalt Blue is a striking and strong color and it goes well with all elements that signify strength, power and energy, so it is best to add it in hints. The color is best used to accentuate the home or it can be used as statement pieces to be perfectly punctuated with the tones of gold and black. In other words, using this color might be too much for some people, so it is not apt for small rooms, as it makes small room even more smaller.



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