Does your room reflect your personality

The hues of a room wall and ceiling helps to determine whether interior design is successful or not. Here are certain colors that you need to keep in mind before planning home color scheme. Hope this advice helps.

Warm Colors- Warm colors like yellow or orange raise the temperature of the room. Hence, it should be used in the rooms that face in a north direction. It inspires activity and avoid using these colors in room that is meant for the relaxation and rejuvenation like in a bedroom.

Bright Colors- Bright colors or vibrant shades like yellow, green, blue and orange offers an expansive feeling. These colors are called as friendly and joyous colors. Further, these color stimulate communication and hence it should be generally used in the dining area and the kitchen.

Dark Colors- Dark colors like purple, red, blue and dark hues of green can have a gloomy effect on the room. But when it is applied in a right place or as an accent elements, it offers security and comfort. Further, dark colors can have constricting effect, so it is always better to accentuate with other things. It will add an interest to the room.

Cold Colors- Cold colors like icy blues and green tends to have a tranquilizer effect. It is best suited to the bedroom and it helps you to go to bed in a relaxed way and wake up in a refreshed ways. These cold colors are highly popular for interior decoration.

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Navy Blue- The navy blue color inhibits people’s requirement to communicate, so it is better not to use in a living room or in a dining room. As, it would lead to unhealthy conversation.

Red-Red color perks the energy level of a room, but it adds irritable and hostile and irritable environment in the room- so it is the best choice for a child’s room. One can accentuate with it right base room color.

Grey- Grey color needs to be avoided in a dining area or in a kitchen unless and until you want to lower down the appetite.

If you want to give your bedroom bold but traditional feel, paint a patchwork effect with colors in different tones. It is better to use white as your base and it shows through to keep the room vibrant and beautiful. Follow above-mentioned tips to get a new feel in the bedroom or in a living room.

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