Tips on how to place furniture

The placement of furniture is essential as the furniture itself. Here are some ways on how to spruce up your living space.


Pay a keen attention to overall balance of the room

It is important to look at balance from view point of visual appearance. For instance, you can add several elements that are visually appealing and grab attraction like you can incorporate unusual shapes, add bold colors, variegated textures. All these will surely create interest to the room. Even the smaller items have these qualities and it can often balance the larger items. For example, adding a bright red chair will carry lot of weight , so contrast it with beige furniture. Patterns tend to carry lot of visual weight as compared to solids. If you are a proud owner of a large fireplace at one end of the room, go for balancing it with a large piece on the opposite wall. Once the furniture is placed, stand in the corner of the room and check the balance.

Look at overall flow of the room

It is necessary to take note of all the natural traffic patterns that activities that overall room require. It must be accessible at all the times. Think about the kitchen and a dining table. You need to see whether the table and chairs are accessible from all the sides. The same is also true for living room seating. Arrange the room in a way that furniture proves to be hassle. Every room should be inviting and it should not stop you at doorway. A common mistake that many people make is adding the furniture against the walls. People need to scream in order to be heard. Also, the space in the middle room is empty, so there tends to be no balance in the room. Bring the furniture close to the center of the room. Ensure that all doors and windows are cleared. Even if the doors are used, you must try to keep it clear. Otherwise the room will look small and crowded. If you need to put something in the window front, it must fit below the windowsill. If the windowsill is higher, try angling it towards the window rather than putting it straight across. It will make the room look more spacious.

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Have a sneak peek on the invisible walls

Invisible walls are usually placed by the architecture in the room. For instance, in an L-shaped living room or a dining room; if there’s a railing, there must be invisible line that extends from the railing, thus creating an invisible wall. This you need to watch for. You can even create invisible walls by adding a sofa or a chair or by adding a tall backless bookcase or adding 1 or 2 plants or trees prependicular to wall of a room, gives false illusion of space.

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