Dress Your VELUX Windows with Stylish Blinds

VELUX Windows provide a classy and sophisticated way to get more light into your home or office space.


They are ideal for city dwellers and people who live in apartments; ensuring natural light always has a way in no matter how small your property might be.


They can be installed in any room of your home, on just about any roof and in a number of different positions.


Matching your VELUX windows with blinds to give you more control over your light saturation has never been easier, with a range of styles and designs to every application.


If it is complete privacy and control that you want VELUX blackout blinds will ensure you can catch up on your hours of slumber with total darkness. They also come in a choice of colours and styles to ensure you will find the perfect complement to any room of your home.


Another feature is that they are as practical as they are attractive and all of the materials are easy to keep clean and attract minimal dirt.


They are also available with a three year guarantee when purchased at VeluxBlindsDirect, so you can consider your purchase an investment in quality from a company that strives for perfection in all aspects of product design.

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VELUX window blinds can be combined to offer you more convenience and the VELUX DuoBlind brings you the versatility of a blackout blind with the natural light of a pleated blind.


If you want to be able to customise the amount of light you have in your bedroom you can’t go wrong with VELUX Flying Pleated Blinds, which allow you to adjust the angle of the blinds to allow more or less in. it is also versatile because it can be positioned wherever you want it as the bottom and top rails are not fixed.


For a more energy-efficient solution the VELUX Energy Blind gives you superior insulation during the cold winter months. You can look forward to a warmer environment without the added cost of a higher utility bill and dim your natural light as you wish. Available in nine different colours this innovative design can be installed in any position on any window.


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