Dustproof Your Home with These Easy Tricks

Dust is a common problem in any home, but it promotes more problems in areas where people come and go, such as the living room, porch and bedroom. For sure you easily get annoyed by dust, as you not only have to exert extra effort to get rid of it; the dirt also comes back after just a few hours or so.

You don’t have to keep up with the boring recurring task of dusting off your home. You have the choice anyway, to take the easy way out and enjoy dust-free home (or at least minimal dust accumulation) with just a few tricks at hand.

Here are the tips you can do to dustproof your interior space:

1. Don’t use materials that accumulate dust.

Linens such as lace, wool and wicker and velvet are among the most notorious dust accumulators in the home. Dust easily sticks to them, and it can be a big problem to remove the stains later on. If you’re living in a dust-prone home, better settle with leatherette, synthetics or those made of smooth surfaces as these usually repel the dust.

2. Settle with minimalist home decorations.

If you live in a dust prone environment, then you cannot prevent the dirt from getting into your home. Hence, you may want to go for a minimalist home decoration style instead. With the sparse use of decorations, the easier would it be to clean the home to get rid of dust.

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3. Keep the doors and windows screened.

Dust comes from the outside. Hence, you have the choice to keep the doors and windows closed to prevent the dust from coming in, or install nylon screens. This way, the air and light can still penetrate, but not the dust.

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