Easy Ways to Create a Luxurious Home Setting

Just a few days ago, famed fashion designer Oscar de la Renta unleashed his Spring 2013 home interior collection, consisting of ultra-chic pieces that definitely create a posh vibe in every home. But who says you have to spend thousands of dollars just to adapt the luxurious appeal in your own crib?

If you are totally fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich and famous, then here are easy ways to recreate the look of their homes right on your own place.

1. Get a vintage vase and fill it with white carnations. Carnations are among the best flowers that provide a luxe appeal to any home. They have been used by royalty and as well as in today’s richest manors, so you may want to get a bouquet and place the blooms in a vintage vase. This adds more drama to the vase, and the whole area where it will be situated.

If you can’t find carnations, then you may settle with white roses. These blooms are best placed on top of living room vanities, center tables, and in the dining area.

2. Use china with printed patterns. Meanwhile, if you are trying to apply the look on your dining area, then it’s best to use china. China is a thinner version of porcelain, and it comes in patterns and prints. You don’t have to buy an expensive set; thrift stores have china sets at cheaper prices, and you may want to use them to save more money.

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3. Add a little pop of gold. Gold linings are often present in luxury homes. Thus you may want to use the said shade on metallic items in the house, or as complimentary hues to the base color schemes in your home. Gold is often associated with reds and blues; you may want to mix and match them with your other home interior ideas to achieve the luxe vibe.

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